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Jabotinsky McDonald

Type Residential, Commercial, Public

Size 26,400 sqm build

Location Jabotinsky st at the corner of McDonald st. Ramt-Gan
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Urban renewal Project in Ramat Gan, Israel. The main planning topic is mixed used - residential, commercial and public function. Accepted standards for examining the density of the State of Israel will determine the density project excessive. the Perception of planning claim a different case, the design of mixed uses located on public transportation route and adjacent to the business center of the city of Ramat Gan allows an opportunity which public space can carry a higher density than usual, This opens new possibilities for planning.
Client Zemach Hammerman Ltd

Status City building plan regional authority

Partner in charge Eran Shaked

Project leader Eran Shaked

Team rami Malka. Partnership with arch Renana Yardeni Golan
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