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Mercaz Habaron

Type Residential, Commercial, Public, Urban Design

Size 14,000 sqm

Location Petach Tikva
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Unique project that combines the preservation of buildings from the early days of the city of Petah Tikva small scale with new residential towers. in this Project we examine the possibility to establish a connection on the one hand and on the other separation between the compounds to allow them to coexist and enjoy each other's advantages. Facades of residential towers forming the termination of the design pattern which is used as a backdrop for buildings conservation and strengthens the presence, among the compounds there is a wall which allows a controlled transition and connection. In the dark luminescent wall behind the buildings conservation and increases the dramatic look at the site.
Client Shainfeld, Avgad, Basad

Status planning progress

Partner in charge Eran Leshem, Eran Shacked

Project leader Eran

Team Amir.s
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