STATUS // Permits
LOCATION // Bat Yam, Israel
YEAR // 2019
SURFACE // 27,200 sqm
PROGRAMMERS // Mixed use, residential, retail, office, public use

Ivory Tower
Ivory Tower The Ivory Tower is planned on a 1600 square meters plot. Its construction is an important pillar in the urban policy plan of the business district in the city of Bat Yam, which is located in the center of the Tel Aviv metropolis and in the heart of an urban fabric that is undergoing accelerated and significant development processes. The city of Bat Yam, among the densest cities in Israel, the renewal and development of the business district is part of the process to make it the main economic engine of the city and to create a dynamic and urban living environment that will provide a high quality of life for its workers, residents and residents. The location of the project in the heart of the business district, in a city that located near the sea creates a special reference which is reflected in the unique shape of the building and stems from the immediate connection of the building to the street level in the lower part and the view to the sea in the upper part. The mix of uses in the tower emphasizes and accompanies the geometry of the tower, a commercial front facing the factory street and the rotation of the building on the office floors above until the full facade of the residential floors faces west, towards the sea. The planning includes 2 commercial floors, 14 floors for offices and public buildings, 11 residential floors, and a total of 27 floors.