STATUS // Harish
LOCATION // Ramat Gan, Israel
CLIENT // Shapir Engineering
YEAR // 2018
SURFACE // 115,000 sqm
PROGRAMMERS // Residental

Or Hamizrach
Or Hamizrach A residential neighborhood in the city of Harish. The neighborhood includes about 1500 units in a combination of public and commercial buildings, on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 400 acres. The neighborhood was planned using the "plan and build" method, where the developer plans and implements the entire neighborhood, including residences, schools, gardens, public spaces and community buildings. The project was designed with an emphasis on the orientation of the user in the public space by dividing the project into sub-complexes with different design features, spacing the buildings to create public spaces on a different scale from the level of the private yard through the public gardens and on to the neighborhood park.