STATUS // Taba
LOCATION // Rishon LeZion, Israel
CLIENT // Solomon City
YEAR // 2022
SURFACE // 40,000sqm
PROGRAMMERS // Mixed use – offices, hotel, commercial and public use.

Solomon Towers
Solomon Towers In the western industrial area of the city Rishon Lezion, an employment and hotel project will be built above a commercial base. A business hotel is planned in the complex with 100 hotel rooms and public uses for the well-being of hotel guests and the users of the complex, an office tower with 25 floors, with 2 floors for public use and two levels for commercial use. The complex is part of a regional revitalization plan planned in accordance with the planned mass transit system in the area and is expected to increase building rights and create an active and diverse urban space. The building of the hotel and the offices are located in a way that allows proper shading to the inner courtyard and to each other. The buildings face the heart of the complex and create a different environment from the peripheral streets and the area. The inner courtyard creates additional facades for the lot, is a center of attraction that provides the possibility of staying and wandering in the middle of the intense urban fabric and enables organic movement into and out of the complex.