STATUS // In planning
LOCATION // Petah Tikva, Israel
CLIENT // B.S.R Group – Mishkenot Urbanika
YEAR // 2017
SURFACE // 39,100sqm
PROGRAMMERS // Residential, restaurants, retail and public building

Katsenelson A residential complex that includes a commercial front, and public buildings for the benefit of the residents of the neighborhood in an area of 9.5 dunams. The complex has 4 residential buildings, with 9 and 22 floors, including 314 diverse units, a commercial facade towards Katznelson Street, two public buildings on the ground level, and a three-story underground parking lot. The project has a unique location in the urban meeting with nature, with no car traffic, located between Katznelson Street and Yad Labanim Park in the city of Petah Tikva. The project offers urban renewal and strengthens the neighborhood from a physical, economic and social point of view, by turning it into a neighborhood with an urban character, together with the development of green spaces that connect to the adjacent park and feed the green axis in the center of the neighborhood, so that it is a community and scenic anchor for the entire neighborhood. The complex preserves old trees and Ficus Boulevard to the south, strengthens the green axis of Katznelson Street, and strengthens connectivity by looking from Borochov Street towards Yad Labanim Park, by developing public buildings in the interior space and adding commercial and leisure uses.